80 Things I Love About Moldova


  1. Limba sacră
  2. The hospitality of people I barely know
  3. Homemade honey
  4. Cheap  booze
  5. Homemade wine
  6. Fresh baked cookies
  7. The style
  8. Homegrown tea
  9. Homegrown veggies
  10. Russian
  11. Romanian
  12. Squat toilets (talk about efficiency)
  13. Moldovanește slang
  14. Springtime birds chirping in the AM outside my window
  15. Corlateni (best village ever)
  16. The friendships I’ve made
  17. The enthusiasm of my students to learn
  18. The amazing growth we have made with RECYCLING ❤
  19. Rutieras (also efficient)
  20. Trolleybuses
  21. Mîncare de Paști – Easter food (vegetarian)
  22. Anything with vînăta (eggplant)
  23. Taking walks outside with friends
  24. Long conversations about life with my besties
  25. Walking to and from work
  26. Car rides with friends
  27. Picnics along the Prut and in nature
  28. Safety (no one knows where Moldova is, usually, so globally it is safer than the USA)
  29. All the Saint days
  30. Birthday masas
  31. Christmas (Moș Craciun/Santa Claus)
  32. Annul noua
  33. Old Christmas (7 ianuarie)
  34. Old New Year (13 ianuarie)
  35. Language Day (Limba Noastre)
  36. National costumes
  37. National songs
  38. Pumpkin placenta
  39. The countless interesting conversations with locals in public transportation
  40. Learning from each other
  41. My English Club students
  42. My Ecology Club students
  43. The willingness of fellow volunteers or locals to help when we are struggling
  44.  The best friends I have made with other PCVs
  45. All the best friends I have made with locals
  46. The parties =)
  47. Cheap rent
  48. Cheap flowers
  49. Walking past goats and cows in the middle of my town on my way somewhere
  50. The slowed-down natural pace (no need to rush)
  51. Drying laundry in the sun
  52. Living without a fridge
  53. The wild hedgehogs
  54. My partners and all our experiences together, and their kindness
  55. Hanging out with my host families – especially playing with the kids (going on adventures, swimming in the pool, playing while I am cleaning my room, making art, helping them with their homework . . . )
  56. Rachiu shots with partners, host family . . .
  57. Secret wine tastings at night with my host dad (shhh)
  58. Baking with my host mom
  59. Dancing the hora!
  60. Learning to dance with other volunteers
  61. The closeness of our communities
  62. Being able to call the mayor and him call you back, or go straight to his office and have a chat
  63. The sincerity of Dr Iuliana being concerned about us as volunteers
  64. Moldovan live music (the flute especially)
  65. Meeting randomly with people whom you did not expect to see
  66. Spontaniety / plans changing (and going with the flow)
  67. Random celebrations (like drinking champagne at 10 AM at school to celebrate someone having a birthday)
  68. Being accessible to travel to many countries in Europe which are nearby
  69. Carbonated water
  70. Moldovan chocolate (Bucaria)
  71. The hardworking ethic of Moldovans
  72. Diplomas for everything
  73. Clean shoes
  74. Apples
  75. Marțișor
  76. Flowers for different celebrations
  77. Teachers Day
  78. International Womens Day – 8 March
  79. All the silly jokes
  80. Soroca

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